Friday, April 19, 2013

Team Q&A - Favorite Workouts - Stu

Now it's Stu's turn to answer, "What's your favorite workouts for each discipline?" In cased you've missed it, InchSaraRobMichelle, Sarah, and JP have all provided answers. 

My favorite workout is always the long run, it is a great way to end the week.  In the past, my long runs where at a (relatively) very slow place, often as slow as 9+ min pace.  This last session, my long runs were just :45 seconds slower than my race pace.  With my race pace at 7:30, my long runs were 8:15 pace.  I felt so much stronger and on race day, I had a lot more confidence since my long runs were closer to race pace.  I'm always near my home on long run days, so often this is a workout where I get to see many of my friends along the way.