Friday, April 12, 2013

Team Q&A - Favortie Workouts: Sara Z

We're continuing our team Q&A asking the team, "What's your favorite workout in each discipline?" Inch kicked us off. Next up, Sara Z:

For swimming, I like a good hard set in the middle or at the end of some 200s descending. My coach has set this ridiculous time that I’m chasing, and even though I’m not there yet, it keeps me on my toes. For me, 200 is far enough that I can’t go all-out but I definitely need to push hard, so I think it’s great to simulate the end of a sprint or olympic race when I’m really trying to push the pace.

On the bike, I have to say I've seen great improvement with hills. I have a love/hate relationship with hills. I love what they do for my riding, but I HATE riding up them and I curse them while I’m climbing. Lucky for me I don’t live on the right side of town for many hills (ha! take that hills!) but this summer I really want to head east a bit so I can get some good work in on them.

And on the run, nothing beats a good hard tempo run. 2 miles to warm up, 2-3 miles at tempo, and 2 miles to cool down. It doesn't take more than an hour and is a good quality run that kicks my butt and makes me stronger, so I’m a big fan of that.