Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Team Q&A: Ultimate Race Course (Part 2)

We're back again with another team question. This time, we asked everyone to build their ultimate race course/venue. The answers are split into two groups. Here's the second set responses. See the first batch.

Sara: My racing is pretty limited to driving distance from Cleveland, so I'm going to imagine a dream race here and maybe someone can tell me where this is. My favorite distance is the half-ironman, so I’m going to go with that. I'd like a calm lake swim that doesn't get cancelled and make me sad (I'm looking at you, Steelhead) followed by a nice rolling bike course. Of the 70.3s that I've done, I enjoyed Steelhead’s bike course as well as Musselman’s course in New York. For the run, I'd definitely like it to be relatively flat and not a million trillion degrees, and it should also have some good scenery and crowd support, too. I had a blast running the course at Ironman New Orleans 70.3 mostly because I’m a history nerd and it’s full of things to look at. Finally, it needs to have my two kids at the finish line running with me, so big ups to Rev3 for making that happen! 

JP: My dream Ironman course: I would take the Ironman Wisconsin 2 loop, lake swim course, combined with the Ironman Hawaii Bike course but I would put it in California so it would be cool, dry, and not so windy. I would cap it off with the flat and fast Florida run course just for good memory’s sake.

Matt: My dream course would be very similar to my hometown tri (The Clarkston Tri), but with a few major alterations. First off, the swim needs to have similar conditions to lake Michigan...freezing cold with extra chop, to separate the real swimmers from the ones who say “I swim.” The bike course would be similar to the current course, which has a lot of short and semi steep rollers, the kind that if you use your downhill speed right, you don't have to use too much energy to get to the top. Only change i would make here is that it would need to be longer than 16 miles...somewhere between 56 & 112 would do. Finally, the run course would be exactly the same as it is today. A beautiful 2 loop run with unlimited spectators, that takes you through the vintage old town & park of Clarkston.

Rob: My swim course would be the Ironman Wisconsin two-loop (old) course. There's nothing quite like breathing and looking at the shore to see the Monona Terrace covered with people. Plus doing two loops allowed you to see it twice. The swim out to transition (don't forget the awesome wetsuit peelers!) is like no other. You forget all about climbing up four levels of a parking ramp with all that noise. My favorite bike course is probably the Rev3 Dells Half course. It's rolling with plenty of ups and downs to keep the legs honest and the speeds fast. [Disclaimer: I designed it.] I'm not necessarily a runner, but one of my best runs was on the Ironman Racine 70.3 (nee Spirit of Racine) course. I stuck with another guy (without saying a word) and ran to my best half time ever.