The Gear

Quintana Roo

Team Evotri is pleased to be partnered with Quintana Roo and riding the ground breaking CD0.1 frameset. The CD0.1 features Shift Technology, which moves the airflow to the non-drive (clean) side of the bike, essentially removing the drive side from the wind. The CD0.1 also features unique designs to the front and rear brake placements behind the fork and bottom bracket, respectively, but also took into account the bolt design to maximize aerodynamics. Finally, the fork is designed for use with aero wheels, allowing for greater airflow between the fork and wheel, maximizing what the aero wheel is already doing. Ultimately, the fork maximizes the Shift Technology build into the frame.

SRAM Components

SRAM is one of the most innovative and quickly growing companies in cycling. In the last few years, SRAM has successfully established itself in the ultra-competitive component market traditionally dominated by Shimano and Campagnolo. Based in Chicago, Illinois SRAM has acquired Rock Shox, Truvativ, Avid, Vision Tech and most recently, Zipp. The addition of these companies gives SRAM an impressive lineup of components, wheels and bars. SRAM provides team EvoTri members with components from its excellent Force group. Reengineered from the ground up, Force components couple innovative designs with high end materials for a light yet durable and precise drive train. Will you make the leap? Check out SRAM’s website:

Zipp VumaQuad Crank

Vuma is a word in multiple African languages, and when translated from Kiswahili, means, "to move fast, have energy, or be spirited", and at 570g (including compact rings spindle and bearings cups), the new VumaQuad takes compact crank design and performance to another level. It is the lightest stiffest and strongest carbon crank on the market, passing the new, far stricter CEN fatigue test at the new standard of 1800 Newtons, while many other brands were simply grandfathered in. 33% stiffer than the next lightest product on the market, the VumaQuad is a 4-arm carbon crank, available with standard and compact chain rings, and has a 30.0mm spindle with 30mm external bearings. Staggeringly, the Q factor is also just mere 146mm.

The standard bearings (grey cups) are USA made with ABEC 5 grade races and Grade 10 steel balls, no less than 2.5 times as round as the rest of the industry, and also available are (gold) ceramic cup upgrades with ABEC 7 grade races and Grade 2 balls.

The spindle, prebonded to the left arm, is aluminum 30mm, with a unique design that allows for weight reduction while retaining structural integrity and durability. The VumaQuad is definitely strong enough for the long haul, and has been fatigue tested beyond 100,000 cycles. It's available in 170 mm, 172.5 mm, 175 mm and 180 mm, and alternative chain rings may be purchased as aftermarket items (53/39 or 50/34). Visit for more information about the hottest crank on the market.

Zipp 606 Wheelset, aerobars and Cranks
CycleOps’s Wireless PowerTap

A match made in heaven: the versatile 606 carbon wheelset from Zipp mated with the monitoring capabilities of the wireless PowerTap from Cycleops.

The 606 is the best all-condition wheelset from industry-leading wheel manufacturer, Zipp. Consisting of a 404 front and 808 rear this wheelset is equally at home on the Queen K highway or your local sprint triathlon. Dozens of Zipp patents make their wheels the lightest and most aerodynamic on the market. In addition to the wheels, Team Evotri will be outfitted with Zipp Vuka aerobars and Zipp cranks.

Training and racing like the pros requires precise workouts and race day efforts. Team EvoTri’s 606 wheelsets will all be equipped with the top-of-the-line wireless Power Tap from Saris/Cycleops. The wireless Power Tap transmits all your data directly to the head unit without messy wires. All Power Tap hubs measure wattage with an accuracy of +/- 1.5%! PowerAgent software allows you to analyze workout and race data to your heart’s content.